Aluminum glass curtain wall system

  • Characteristics

- Aluminum glass curtain wall is indispensable products in modern work and used in the design of hi tech architecture buildings such as: Office building, trading centers, high rise building  

- Sound proof, heat proof, ensure natural light.

- Diversity in styles, suitable to many types of architectures.

- Tight and heat proof (anti wind, water and air).

- Simple, neat and tidy construction.

- Light loading, good strength capacity and high duration.

- Economic in using.

- High aesthetic feature.

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  • Material:


- Shapeable aluminum profile bar with European standards.

- Glass: Single glass, safety glass, tempered glass, glass box.

- Joint system is made from EPDM material for tightness.

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  • Large glass and aluminum wall is dividend into three main systems:


- Stick Aluminum glass curtain wall system

- Unitized aluminum glass curtain wall system

- Semi - unitized aluminum glass curtain wall system

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