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Types of steel sheet that can be rolled for Seamlock profile:

  • Galvanized steel sheet, Pre-painted color steel sheetthickness of 0.35mm - 0.70mm, galvanized according to Japan's JIS standards, can be rolled according to the Seamlock profile to use for large factories, with characteristics of anti-corrosion and high-oxidation, they are commonly used for civil, factory - industrial works. In particular, Pre-painted color steel sheet is a type of steel sheet covered with a layer of colored zinc on both sides, with a variety of colors, so that it í easy for customers to choose following the design of their works.
  • Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet, Pre-painted Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet: thickness of 0.35mm - 0.70mm, plated with a layer of zinc aluminum alloy, with good heat resistance. Corrosion and oxidation resistance is better than Galvanized steel sheet, Pre-painted color steel sheet. Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet can be rolled according to the Seamlock profile, suitable for civil works, factories - industrial works. Pre-painted Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet is coated with a layer of color, diverse colors for customers to choose for their works.
  • Seamlock profile roofs often use high plasticity: G300 – G340Mpa, when edging, the edges do not break.




  • Width of flat steel sheet before roll forming: 597÷600mm.
  • Length according to design requirements.
  • Useful width: 485mm.
  • Rib height: 60mm
  • Thickness: from 0.3 mm to 0.70mm (Depending on requirements).
  • Base clamps are made of galvanized base steel or 450-550Mpa zinc-aluminum alloy; clamp hooks are made of stainless steel.
  • Rich and diverse colors, bring lasting and luxury beauty.


Product advantages:

  • Useful width: 485mm
  • Rib height 60mm

2 main ribs, and 3 additional ribs between them help:

  • Increasing the rigidity of Seam-lock 485 sheets, allowing the purlin distances larger than conventional steel sheets with high safety levels, saving purlin costs for users.
  • Walking on the Seam-lock 485 plates is easier, without deforming the steel sheets when erecting.
  • The double-lock vertical joint ensures absolute tightness, forming a good rainwater drainage trough that eliminates water stagnation, allowing safe use with workshops with roof slopes as low as 1° from the horizontal.
  • The Seam-lock 485 clamps allow the roof to slide during thermal expansion, eliminating the adverse effects of forces generated by the expansion. The sliding unit can be controlled by itself to ensure that the roof is always flat and perpendicular to the purlins.
  • The coupling between steel sheets has connected the clamp belts and the steel sheets seamlessly with a 360° angle double-lock that keeps the steel sheets in place and against wind. Seam-lock is a complete system that protects the roof against all weather conditions.
  • Seam-lock roofs with a rib height of 60mm are widely used for roofs with large roof areas and lengths (steel sheets can be 120m long). It acts as a large water trough to help drain water extremely quickly and prevent overflow. Seam-lock roofs can withstand level 12 storms and rainfall up to 300mm/h.
  • Fast, professional construction, with high durability, and good thermal insulation.
  • Seam-lock roofs are usually rolled directly at the construction site with any length according to each construction site.
  • Good leak resistance.
  • Suitable for all roof structures, especially workshops with large aperture.


To enhance the aesthetics of your home's roofs, you need some more synchronous accessories:

  • Seam-lock clamps
  • Belt fixing screws



To increase the service life of the product and ensure long-term durability, please note the following points:

  • Tighten the finished product when moving
  • When loading and unloading, care must be taken to prevent scratches and distortions
  • Do not drag finished products over rough surfaces
  • Do not drag hard objects on the corrugated iron surface

If you are interested in mechanical processing products or want to find a reputable and quality manufacturer and distributor, Butraco is always happy to advise and provide all you need with the motto “What you need, we have it all”. With a team of experienced and enthusiastic employees, we have gradually affirmed our position as a leading company in the field of manufacturing and processing interior materials with corrugated iron, stainless steel, and mechanical processing products.



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