Glass wall for bathing cabinet - Tempered glass wall for bathing cabinet

- Tempered glass wall of bathroom is created by tempered glass panels combined to each other with diversified accessories. It has diversity both on tile and species: Sliding door glass wall of bathroom, hanging sliding door. Each kind of bathroom tempered glass wall has special functions, advantages suitable for each different space.

- Tempered glass used for bathroom wall is normally glass with thickness from 5 to 10mm with solid duration, helps to create the seamless space, ensure clear division but the bathroom is not divided into many sections. Besides, the appearance of the bathroom tempered glass wall make this area always dry, clean due to water is not overflown to outside, so no worry about wet and slippery floor, very safety when using.

Vách kính tắm - Cabin tắm kính cường lực

- With bathroom tempered glass wall, you can freely use water without worrying water to splash outside or to be stagnant after bathing. Besides, if you want to turn these areas to become small spa with steam bathing, it is possible. Especially at cold winter days, the installation of bathroom tempered glass wall is considered to be perfect solution for keeping warm because of tightness and wind proof from glass panel.


Advantages of bathroom tempered glass wall

-With below outstanding advantages we can see why many people prefer this kind of glass:

  • To create neat and tidy for bathroom;
  • Absolutely safety for users
  • Create seamless for bathing space
  • Glass bathroom may be designed diversity with many beautiful types to meet every requirement of clients.
  • Good sound , heat proof, keeping warm in winter and airy on summer
  • Quick and convenient installation

With those function, glass cabinet always be used in construction work such as:  Apartments, hotel, bathing cabinet generates relaxed, pleasure feeling after a hard working day.

Vách kính tắm - Cabin tắm kính cường lực

Vách kính tắm - Cabin tắm kính cường lực